Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page is here to help with answers to some our most frequently asked questions.

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How long will I be in the chair for my hair colouring?
For half a head of foils for long hair, we’d allow about an hour for applying and a further hour for processing. For a full head of long hair, we allow up to 2 hours, followed by one hour’s processing time. Balayage is quicker than a full head of foils—between 45 mins and 1 hour, depending on where you want the colour to start; then about an hour in processing time.

A full head dye would take about 30 minutes to apply and about 45 minutes’ processing time. Grey hair coverage and high-lift colouring products may take longer. A root touch-up involving a flat tint (not foiled) will need 30-45 minutes for application, then 45 minutes for processing.
How often will I need to have my hair cut to maintain my style?
Can you change my hair from a darker colour to a lighter colour?
Why does my hair colour fade so fast?
Why is my hair so dry and brittle?